4 Axis with Head stock, Tail Stock, and Integrated Stepper Motor, 100 mm

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This is a 4th axis that will add additional functionality to your machine.

CNC Engraving Machine Router Rotational A 4th Axis 100mm 3-Jaw Chuck+Tailstock

Rotational Axis

  • MM 3 Jaw Chuck
  • Center height:55MM
  • Total height: 105MM
  • Motor:Nema23 2-phase 57 stepper motor
  • Step Angle: 0.3 degree/step
  • Reducing ratio:6:1 (Timing belt deceleration mode)
  • Synchronous belt:5M 350
  • Pass hole is 22mm

Weight: 16lbs


  • Center Height: 65mm
  • Adjustable travel: 50mm
  • Tailstock
  • Product Weight: 2.1kg
  • One Year Warranty
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