A32-2 Axes Mechanical Switch Assembly to RJ45

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A32-2 Axes Mechanical Switch Assembly to RJ45


This harness with 6' cables provides an easy means of connecting mechanical homing and limit switches to a CNC system. This board allows for easy and fast connection to boards using the RJ45 connectors, like the C76 and C82 boards


 Has 4 mechanical switches (X+, X-, Z+, and Z-). The switches are connected in pairs per axis.

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  • Arturo Duncan - 7 months ago
    How do I configure the Home and Limit Switches

    General Recommendations on Setting up Home/Limit Switches:  Note that the Limit function is disabled while homing, so it is smart to use the same switches for homing and limits.  It is also a good practice to connect positive and negative sig...
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