Monthly Archives: August 2020

  1. Initial Step by Step Wiring and Testing of a C25XP Rev1 with Mach3

    STEP 1: Make sure the controller is connected to an Ethernet port on the PC and powered with LEDs ON. 

    • Connect only the C25XP.
    • Set the jumpers for all axis as Active Axis off, so the board does not check for a cable disconnect.


    STEP 2: Download the software for ESS. 

    • Open the program Mach3 select the profile of your preference
    • configuration
    • configuration plugins
    • EnableESS
    • OK
    • Restart Mach3


    STEP 3: Connect an E-Stop button to short the E-Stop terminals. 

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  2. Wiring and testing a C86ACORN

    Wiring and testing Instructions for a C86ACORN with the Centroid ACORN

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  3. Wiring and testing a C86ACCP

    Step by Step instructions for wiring, setting up, and testing the C86ACCP on the system.

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