• Start with one axis.
  • The index is not used on this setup and does not need to be connected. You could connect it, but it will go nowhere.
  • Relay3 on the C76 can be tied to the SCHP, which activates when the system is active. It is ideal to use it to control the main power supply. It is customary on DC servo systems to have them power only while the system is active.
  • For now, set the jumper on the C34G320 to HARD enable. This forces the servo to get enabled. If the servo is not turned right, it will trigger fault and will not allow you to tune the servo.
  • If the servos were tuned before, the new wiring should not affect the tuning and should need to be tuned again.



C76 with UC300ETH and Geckdrive G320 DC Servos Retrofit using UCCNC