Wiring Connection Micro Step Driver KL-5056E on C94




  1. Set the current on the driver to the current that the motor draws.
  2. Set the microstepping to what works best for your application and machine.  This is a trial-and-error process, try values between 1/32 to 1/8.  Look for motion as smooth as possible with the appropriate torque.  Keep in mind that as you increase the resolution, the motion is smoother, but the motor loses torque.  So you need to find a balance.
  3. Set the motor travel configuration.  Make sure that the motor moves the distance that you are commanding.    
  4. Set the Acceleration/Deceleration Setting. 
  5. Set the max speed.  Keep in mind that as the motor gains speed, it loses torque, so you can try moving the motor as fast as possible, until you make it lose steps, then lower the value by about 30% to make sure the motion is reliable that you are not going to lose steps.
  6. Set the motor backslash.