The Mega Headstock offer!


  • What new heads does this include? 

Low profile heads BT-30, ISO-20 and 5C.

  • What are the turnaround times? 

This will be lot number 2. We estimate that deliveries will begin in February for this offer.


New Headstocks for Taig, Sherline or Other Custom Application

For Your Mill:

The BT-30 Mill Headstock - The Hottest Selling Headstock to Date...




verybody pretty much knows that Sherline and Taig have done a fine job producing very reasonably price mills. Some guys are totally fine with the current little headstock. However, many would like to see a much more robust headstock option. If that sounds like you, then this is for you. The GlockCNC BT-30 has some amazing benefits (this is the short list, other places on the website will have the full description).

  • BT-30 Tooling is Super Cheap Compared to Level of Precision - Many suppliers sell new tooling with .0002" TIR for $35 - $50. This means you get commercial grade performance cheap!



The ISO-20 Compact Headstock - Great for Mills and Routers



This is a very popular headstock for those who would rather use tooling a little smaller than the BT-30. Like it's bigger brother, the BT-30, tooling is available all over the internet.

  • High Precision Tool Sold All Over The Internet - When you compare the cost to level of precision, it's hard to beat the ISO-20 tooling. I've seen tooling from $25 to $50 with .0002" TIR. Plus, the tooling often has very high speed balancing already done. Typically,
  • Tooling Sizes - ISO-20 tooling typically comes in either ER16 or ER20 collet sizes. I've seen ER25 for sale, but they are a little harder to come across.



5C Headstock For The Lathe



We've had customers ask us for a commerical grade 5C lathe that can use a jaw chuck for a long time now. You can finally get it! Because many of our customers use the GlockCNC componets in commercial settings, we've made the 5C strong for it's compact size. Many also complained about Taig and Sherline chucks...they're too small and not that accurate. This won't be an issue with your new 5C heastock. We've build in threads for a larger chuck plate. This will give you the ability to use 5" and 6" jaw chucks. And don't worry about the extra load on the bearings. Just like the GlockCNC BT-30 headstock, you're getting a double stack of 80MM OD bearings at the front.

  • Solid 6061 Aluminum Billet - Precision manufactured and anodized in black. Just the right amount of "meat" for dampening and rigidity. This means better cuts.
  • Bearings - Dual Front End 80mm OD x 50mm ID bearings for better rigidity and . Choose from ABEC-5 or ABEC-7 Deep Groove, or ABEC-7 Angular Contact Bearings