STEP 1: Connect an E-Stop button to short the E-Stop terminals. 

  • This should give you a green LED while the board is powered and e-stop is closed.
  • IF not, check other possible fault conditions and make sure they are not active.


STEP 2: Make sure the controller is connected to an Ethernet port on the PC and powered with LEDs ON. 


STEP 3: Download the UC Utility program for UCxxx.

  • Run the to establish the connection, 
  • Set a fixed IP on the PC’s LAN cad and whitelist the device on the network.



  • Verify that TCP/IPV4 is configured correctly for the connection used.  You may need to configure it manually.


STEP 4: Set a profile name and screen set to use:


STEP 5: Download the Installer software and run it to install the UC300ETH plugin and configure Mach4 and the Plugin.


  • Click on I agree


  • Select the profile on which you want to install the plugin and configure the plugin and mach4.


  • Finally, click on finish.




STEP 6: Start Mach4 GUI using the profile on which you just run the installer



STEP 7: Final Test

  • Test the E-Stop by opening the circuit a confirming the green LED goes off.
  • You can now enable back on the SCHP by moving (JUMPER=ON) so it will be the control software that will enable the system.