Used software: Mach4


STEP 1: Connect an E-Stop button to short the E-Stop terminals. 

  • This should give you a green LED while the board is powered and the e-stop is closed.
  • IF not, check other possible fault conditions and make sure they are not active.


STEP 2: Make sure the controller is connected to an Ethernet port on the PC and powered with LEDs ON. 


STEP 3: Download the UC Utility program for UCxxx.

  • Run the to establish the connection, 
  • Set a fixed IP on the PC’s LAN cad and whitelist the device on the network.



  • Verify that TCP/IPV4 is configured correctly for the connection used.  You may need to configure it manually.


STEP 4: Set a profile name and screen set to use:

  • Open Mach4 Loader
  • Create a profile and click OK in the Profile Information window.
  • Select Cancel in selected profile windows.


STEP 5: Download the Installer software and run it to install the UC300ETH plugin and configure Mach4 and the Plugin.  If you prefer to configure Mach4 and the Plugin Manually, you skip this step and follow these instructions 



  • Click on I agree


  • Select the profile on which you want to install the plugin and configure the plugin and mach4.


  • Finally, click on finish.


STEP 6: Start Mach4 GUI using the profile on which you just run the installer



STEP 7: Final Test

  • Test the E-Stop by opening the circuit a confirming the green LED goes off.
  • You can now enable back on the SCHP by moving (JUMPER=ON) so it will be the control software that will enable the system.