I started studying CNC quite recently. 2 years ago. Virtually all breakout boards I purchased from Arturo Duncan CNC4PC: C10, C11GS. On the C11G board, I converted my first Lathe Grizzly G0768 into CNC.I used   Mach3 software and a parallel port. But the number of modern computers with a printer port is getting smaller; there are practically none at all. We have to look for old computers and install Windows XP on them - an   operating system that is already 16 years old! But I'd like to have a new computer (even laptop) with a modern 64-bit operating system so that you can continue to run Fusion 360 and finish or fix yourproject without leaving   the workshop. I began to think about software Mach4 and some controller that would work with USB or Ethernet. Arturo advised his new development of the motherboard M16D for PoKeys  57E.And I altered the controller of   my lathe. Many thanks to Arturo for his advice, for the configuration exe file for M16D & MACH4 LATHE. Customer support is fantastic!

 There is exactly what I bought from CNC4PC for my G0768 lathe conversion:

  1. CAT5-1 FT Booted Cat5e Network Patch Cable - Orange – 4
  3. PoKeys 57E for Ethernet with pins -1
  4. RJ45 to ClearPath Driver -2
  5. Rotary Encoder - 1
  6. Mach4 Hobby License File Bundle - 1

After assembling the controller, almost everything immediately started to work. I used ClearPath SDSK-2311S-RLN motors, I am pleased with these motors, it's a pity that they are quite expensive.But very accurate and almost noiseless. For good things you have to pay good I used the original DC motor of my lathe for the spindle. This is convenient because you do not need to buy a VFD, a three-phase AC motor and then adjust it all. Saving money and time What I really liked about the remake of the controller is easy wiring! Almost everything is done on RJ45. Therefore, the connection is quick and accurate.Initially, there were problems with the unstable operation of the PoKey 57E, but everything was decided by the adding of an exclusive 24V / 2A power supply for the M16D.And before that, I used a 12V / 2A power supply for the fans, lighting the controller case, and for powering the M16D. Apparently this power supply is not powerful enough for simultaneous normal operation of all devices.Now the 12V / 2A power supply only works for the ventilation system and for lighting the controller housing. And for M16D a separate 24V power supply is used. The stability of work is now 100%. No problem.I want to warn you right away - the transition from Mach3 to Mach4 is not very simple. I still have Mach3 more convenient to use. But we must keep pace with the times.

I wanna show you how it is easy to do wiring for M16D motherboard. Take a look on close view

 For the lathe you need to connect 8 sources all together

  •  12-24V Main power for the board   
  •  E-Stop         
  •  PWM 0-10V for the spindle 
  •   Encoder 
  •  Limit switches
  •   X-Axis 
  •   Z-Axis 
  •   Ethernet for PoKeys 57EP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

5 connections from that list (#4-#8) are RJ45. It’s very easy to plug the regular network cables.You need to do just 3 connections by hand– 3 pairs: power for the board (12-24V), E-Stop, PWM to control RPM of the spindle and that is it! You are done with the    board!

Connection for encoder goes from the M16D to C46 converter, and from C46 to the encoder. Everything made by RJ45 connectors and I really love them! Just select the cable of the desired length and connect it, and that's it!This is the easiest and fastest wiring I've ever done.I do not know who invented making connections on the RJ45 connectors, but it was a brilliant solution.  This is how this adapter looks and how easy it is to attach to the circuit board  


 Next, you just need to connect the RJ45 cable to the machine:                                                                                                                                                                             And here is how the encoder looks likeon the machine G0768.           In my opinion, this was the most optimal solution to make the mechanical connection of the encoder on the gears.Although Arturo recommended to do       this on a timing belt drive. But in  the lathe G0768 everything was ready to do it on   the gears.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I figured out what the gear of the encoder should look and made a STL file. Then I sent this file to the company, who does 3D printing.


If someone is interested, I can send the STL file of that gear. But youhave to keep in mind that this is for the lathe G0768 and for the rotary encoder, which I bought from Arturo.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A little info about the wiring of the Clear Pathmotors. Wiring is quite simple with C78 RJ45 connection board (that you plug directly to M16D motherboard) and adapters C34CP.

                                                                                                                                                            For the controller housing I used RJ45 female – to RJ45 female adapters



 C34CP adapter has switch Hard/Soft Enable. It is in position “Hard Enable” on the picture.          



CNC4PC has almost the same RJ45 female – to RJ45 female adapters Panel Plug for RJ45


You only need to connect the C34CP adapter between the controller and the motor. And you have to use the original servo data (logic) cable. With the power of the motor, things are not so simple, since the RJ45 connector is not designed to supply the motor power supply. So I used the GX20 Aviation Plug Male & Female