Software version: 1.2114

Before starting the configuration and file installation, we recommend creating a backup of the current installation by right-clicking in the current installation folder and zipping it. 



STEP 1: Probe pin configuration.  This is the pin used to sense the probing action.  This pin will go high when the probe touches the plate.

STEP 2:Probe Enable Configuration.  This is the pin assigned to enable the probe.   This pin will go high while probing.


STEP 3:  For testing the PTS-1 you can use this code with does not require any special macro.  Not that you could modify your post to generate the required probing commands. 


N0050 F20       (Set the Probing Speed 20mm/sec)
N0060 G31 Z-10 (Start probing axion on the Z-axis to a depth of up to 10mm)
N0070 G91 Z 2 (After probing move the Z-Axis 2mm up. This sets the motion to relative mode)
N0080 G90 (Set motion mode back to absolute)
N0090 M03 (Start the Torch)
N0100 G04 P2000 (Set a Pause of 2 seconds to allow the pierce time.)
N0110 G01 X5 (Cutting a 5mm square.)
N0120 Y5
N0130 X0
N0140 Y0
N0150 M05 (Turn off the Plasma)