C33 - Multifunction CNC Router Board

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C33 - Multifunction CNC Router Board


This card provides an easy way of interfacing your router based spindle with your steeper motor driver board. This board includes a speed controller for routers. Additionally provides terminals for inputs to be used as are required by the user.


  • EEE 1284 Standard compatible. Includes the circuitry recommended by the IEEE 1284 Level 1 standards for bidirectional parallel communications between personal computers and peripherals.
  • DB25 connector to connect the stepper motor driver board. These connectors manage only pins 2 – 9.
  • Microcontroller based SCHP. This board comes with a microcontroller that allows the implementation of a complex algorithm for sampling and analyzing the SCHP signal.
  • Terminals to control the router speed.
  • Additional Terminals for controlling a coolant pump or vacuum.
  • Speed Control Signal Can Be PWM or 0-25HZ Pulse Stream.
  • Works with 110 or 220VAC at 60 or 50 HZ.
  • For 2.5HP or 1800 Watt Routers.
  • LEDs Show The Operation Mode.
  • Buffered inputs and outputs. Outputs are buffered through the use of high speed and high current buffers allowing the card to output the signals without using the power from the parallel port. It can take the +3.3 or +5vdc signal from the parallel port and deliver solid +5vdc at 24 milliamps.
  • Input and output pins with close by ground or +5vdc connections
  • External Enable Pin (EN). The board has a pin that allows you to enable/disable all the outputs at once. The board requires +5vdc in the EN pin. If it is not present, it will send all the outputs to ground. You can use this to enable or User’s Manual Page 2 disable the system manually, or you can install an external Safety Charge Pump or other external safety monitoring device.
  • Works directly with popular CNC hardware and software. Such as Geckodrive G540, xylotex, HobbyCNC, Rockcliff, or Rutex, and parallel port control software, such as mach2, Linux EMC, TurboCNC, CNCPlayer, CNCZeus and others. (Not all tested).
  • All TTL 5VDC signals. Interface directly with parallel port interface products and other CNC4PC cards. 5VDC (TTL) cards are very common among automation devices.
  • Screw-On connections for all terminals. You only have to screw-on the wires to make all your connections
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  • Arturo Duncan - 4 years ago
    What is a Safety Charge Pump (SCHP)?

    It is a watchdog.  It is a feature in which the control software will send a pulse stream through a pin, as if it was moving an axis.  Then a microcontroller on the breakout board will see that pulse stream and will know that the signals coming from the c...
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  • Arturo Duncan - 4 years ago
    US and International modes of operations for VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) and Speed Controllers

    VFDs and motors have two way of operation, in the US we use CW and CCW, in the rest of the world, or INT (International) it is used START/STOP and DIRECTION. These settings can usually be adjusted VFD settings.  The chances are that if you purchased the V...
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