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This card lets you control your spindle with PWM or signal analog and direction signals, as if it was an axis motor. It converts the step signal into and an analog (0 to +/-10VDC).
This card also has two relays that can be used to control the direction (CW / CCW) and enable the drive (On / Off).
This unit can also be used on many DC motor controllers by replacing the potentiometer that controls the speed.
This board can be easily mounted on control boxes using DIN rails.


  • Inputs a PWM signal or inputs analog of 0-10VDC signal.
  • Uses only two pins, one for PWM and one for direction. It is the presence of absence of
    the valid PWM signal what would start/stop the spindle.
  • Has two relays that can be used to control the direction and enable and disable the
  • Jumper to select mode of operation, US or International mode. On US mode, one relay
    would be used to start CW and the second one to start CCW. On International mode Relay
    1 will start/stop, and Relay 2 will determine the direction of rotation.
  • Optoisolated input signal PWM.
  • All TTL +5VDC Signals
  • Pluggable Screw-On connections for all terminals. You only have to screw-on the wires
    to make all your connections.
  • Flexible design. It works with cnc4pc’s products, directly through your parallel port, or
    through many other parallel port control products.
  • Din rail mountable


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