CNC720 CNC Motion Controller

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CNC720 CNC Motion Controller

This new control is a 4-axis controller with a maximum step frequency of 400 kHz. This control can be used and configured entirely via Ethernet.

In addition, it has an RS485 connection with which it is possible to provide it with additional I / O, and will therefore also new

possibilities can be provided in the future. This card is fully 24V controlled, making it easy to use in the standard 24V environment of

many systems. Almost all inputs are also suitable for 24V, whereby it is also possible to configure those inputs for an NPN or PNP application.

Furthermore, this control has an E-STOP input that switches off hardware outputs in the event of an E-STOP situation.

Due to the fast hardware, it is also possible to engrave with a laser in which on / off switching behavior AND power can be regulated on-the-fly.


Technical data:

  • 4 axis CNC controller
  • 400kHz stepfrequency
  • Ethernet interface



  • - 4x step/direction/enable/enable open collector (400 kHz)
  • - AUX (open collector)
  • - PWM (open collector) / 0-10V
  • - System ready
  • - No E-STOP (open collector)
  • - Tool 
  • - 2x Cool 
  • - Run
  • - Pause
  • - Charge pump
  • - RS485 (Modbus RT)



  • Handwheel (A/B)
  • 2x Analogue 
  • 4x Home
  • E-stop 
  • Probe / Tool sensor
  • Spindle sensor
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