DYN4 AC Servo Drive - T01 Frame

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DYN4 AC Servo Drive - T01 Frame

DYN4 Series AC Servo Drive

Combining the latest DMM servo control technology with 16-bit high resolution feedback and brand new monitor functions, the DYN4 AC Servo Drive achieves ultimate accessible performance. 

Industry standard pulse/analog/serial interface, easy PC set up and low cost makes the DYN4 AC Servo Drive most applicable and suitable for any motion control application.
  • 4-wire high speed serial encoder bus, with 8-bit security code
  • DMMDRV4© graphical interface, Adaptive Tuning Technology
  • Single/Three-Phase 110~240VAC ± 10% 50/60Hz input
  • Industry standard Position, Velocity, Torque servo modes
  • Serial [UART,SPI], Pulse/Sign, CW/CCW, A/B Quadrature, and Analog Command
  • A/B/Z Quadrature incremental encoder output
  • Motor Current, Absolute Position, Position Error Monitor Outputs
  • RS485/RS232 networking
  • Integrated Point to Point S-curve motion, linear & circular coordinated motion


  • Machine Tool / CNC
  • Factory Automation
  • Robotics
  • Printing / Packaging


Documentation and Media
DYN4 AC Servo System Catalog 2014 V.01 [PDF]
Instruction Manual A1.7a [PDF]
High Inertia Load - Response
2015 DYN Servo System Product Line - Indexing Demo
DYN4 Pricing / Servo Motor Selection

Pricing for standard DYN4 AC Servo Drive.
Servo DriveServo Motor Capacity [kW]Unit Price (USD)
DYN4-L01A2-00 0.05 ~ 0.4 $218.00
DYN4-H01A2-00 0.75 ~ 1.0 $218.00
DYN4-T01A2-00 1.3 ~ 1.8 $267.00

The DYN4 AC Servo Drive is paired with the following servo motor models.

The following servo motor pairs show standard stocked inventory and usually available immediately or with minimal lead time. Please contact us for custom model purchasing inquiries.

Servo Motor 
Rated Output
Rated Speed
Max Speed
Rated Torque
Peak Torque
Frame SizeUnit Price
86M-DHT-A6MK1 0.75 3,000 5,000 2.4 7.1 86mm
405-DST-A6HS1 0.05 0.16 0.48 40mm $129.00
410-DST-A6HS1 0.10 0.318 0.955 40mm $142.00
620-DST-A6HS1 0.20 0.637 1.91 60mm $153.00
640-DST-A6HS1 0.40 1.27 3.82 60mm $177.00
880-DST-A6HK1 0.75 2.39 7.16 80mm $239.00
11A-DST-A6HK1 1.0 1,500 3,000 4.77 14.3 130mm $287.00
115-DST-A6HS1 1.3 8.27 23.3 130mm $345.00
120-DST-A6HS1 1.8 11.5 28.7 130mm $378.00
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Documents and Download

Software, Installers and Configuration Files

Wiring Information


  • Driver Auto Tuning Demo
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  • DYN4 AC Servo System Complete Setup and Overview
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Chuck - 3 years ago
    will this board work with DMM 4 Servo drives and the Acorn Board

    YES!  The DYN4 need to use the C34DYN$ boards: https://www.cnc4pc.com/rj45-2-driver-board-for-dyn4.html
    Read more

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