Ether-Mach Motion Controller for Mach4 CNC

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Ether-Mach Motion Controller for Mach4 CNC
Ether-Mach is the latest motion controller from Stepper3 LLC for Artsoft's Mach4 CNC software. With the Ether-Mach controller and Mach4, you can build a CNC system that is faster, more configurable, and more responsive than ever before! With Ethernet connectivity and 3 parallel port headers, Ether-Mach is a simple, reliable, and performant solution for your next CNC project.


  • Connects over a dedicated 100 Mbps Ethernet connection.
  • Smooth motion on up to 12 simultaneous step/dir motors (Max 6 coordinated).
  • Supports homing, jogging, probing, MPGs, and PWM/motor spindle control.
  • 15 digital inputs (with configurable debounce) and 36 digital outputs on 3 IDC 26 (parallel port) headers.
  • Fully configurable IO: No need to rewire when you can just reconfigure!
  • 3.3v or 5v pin voltage. Runs on a 9-24 volt DC supply.
  • Fast and easy firmware upgrades for forwards compatibility.
  • Free 3D printer files to make your own case!
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
    Why use Ethernet Connection for my Motion Controller?

    The Ethernet Connection has many advantages over USB.  It is more reliable as Ethernet runs a client-server connection, while USB runs as a Windows Device.  If there happens to be any glitch in the communication, you can lose the USB d...
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  • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
    How fast does my Motion Controller need to be?

    You can estimate the appropriate speed requirement for your motion controller by understanding how fast you need your pulse stream to be.   You will need to balance axis travel speed and the step resolution or length of each step in actual machi...
    Read more

  • Arturo Duncan - 2 years ago
    Should I use an External Motion Controller running in real-time for my CNC?

    The main advantage of using an external motion controller is that runs all the function in a real-time environment. So many functions, like homing, reading an encoder, threading, probing, etc., are tied to the exact time in which they occur.  I...
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