Driver Enable lines on the ACORN on C86ACORN and C86ACCP

569 views  November 13, 2019

Please note that the C86ACORN and C86ACCP do require all the enable lines to the drives to be enabled in order to determine that the system is active and to start monitoring a driver's fault.

When you initially activate the CNC12 software, it really just enables the axis as you try to jog them.  So it will really just enable the system once all the axes are active.  All the axes will be enabled once you try to run a g-code, home the machine or do a full activation of the system.

To prevent this you should enable the system and all the axes at once.

How to Enable the Acorn


All current C86ACORN and C86ACCP boards enable when they receive the axis enable signal for any axis from the ACORN.

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