How does the Spindle Control work on the CNC4PC Multifunction Breakout Boards

210 views  May 28, 2022
The relays are not directly tied pins in the configuration, as it is the breakout board that is driving the relays based on the step(PWM) and dir received from the controller and the US/INT Mode selected to drive the spindle. Please check this: Note that the installer or configuration instructions include configuring the spindle. You really only have to set the max spindle speed of your spindle. Then on the board, you need to set the VFD logic, US or INT. If you purchased a VFD in the US, then most likely it is configured to US Mode, that is to receive FOR and REV signals. That is Relay1 will activate in the presence of PWM, and relay 2 there is the presence of PWM and the DIR signal is active.

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