I cannot get the green LED to enable on the breakout board

136 views  June 25, 2019

3 conditions must be met to get the enable LED:


  • The board must be properly powered.  Check the documentation on the board, as misundertand on how it is powered is very possible.
  • The board must be connected to a PC/Motion Controller which is connected to the power system.  The board has ground detection circuit using pins 18 and 19 that disables the output is the board is not connected.  This is as a cable disconnect detection feature.
  • There should be a jumper (or wired it parallel to e-stop) between the EN terminal and the +5vdc next to it.
On boards with a Safety Charge Pump, there is a 4th condition.
  • The SCHP must be disabled on the board or enabled and configured in the control software.

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