I have an ESS with the C25S BOB and 4 Wantai DQ542 drivers. Can one of the outputs on Port 1 Drive the 4 enable pins on my drivers? * I notice your sample hookups do not hook up the enable pins * I don't see specs on the C25S output pins.

354 views  October 29, 2019

You can…  You can assign and wire any available output for this.  But here are some thoughts on this:

  • On stepper drivers it is usually not all that beneficial to use the enable, as they usually have auto low power when not moving, so you just can leave them enabled when not in use.
  • Like you are describing, it looks like it would take one output pin for axis, so it will use a lot of pins. You should also be able to wire one pin to all the enables.
  • Note that on our higher-level boards, like the C76, C86 or M16D we have a dedicated circuit for interfacing with that pin. It can do more advance features detecting a driver fault.

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