Should I purchase a USB or Ethernet Smooth Stepper?

250 views  May 3, 2020

We are recommending all customers using the USB Smooth Stepper to upgrade to the Ethernet Smooth Stepper. There are many benefits to upgrading:

  • The price is the same.
  • There are minimal changes to the configuration when upgrading.
  • The Ethernet Smooth Stepper supports Mach4, the USB does not.
  • The Ethernet Smooth Stepper is getting constant upgrades and improvements, while the USB Smooth Stepper is an obsolete item, it has been discontinued for many years now.
  • The Ethernet Smooth Stepper has 3 ports, while the USB version only 2.
  • The Ethernet connection is so much more stable than USB. It is faster, it does not share a common ground, it runs on client-server configuration, while USB runs as a windows device. If for some reason there is a glitch in the communication, Ethernet can recuperate and get back online, while on USB, you will have to restart the application
  • The Ethernet Smooth Stepper is getting constant upgrades and improvements.

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