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The “unkillable” G203V (Vampire) drive has been a staple Geckodrive product for years. As part of our line of bullet proof drives, protection is the foundation of the G203V’s reputation. With active short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent regulation, and an internal user-replaceable fuse, the drive is nearly indestructible.

Its ruggedness is not its only significant attribute. Low speed smoothness, mid-band resonance, and full-step morphing allow you to run your stepper motor with more torque and at higher speeds than other similar-classed drives.

Low speed smoothness adjustment and the midband resonance compensation are achieved through an adjustable trimpot where the user can modify performance for specific motors between 1 – 2 revolutions per second. The midband, typically seen between 2 – 4 revolutions per second, is an unstable region on most stepper motors but is compensated for on our drives. Torque can drop out significantly without active adjustment, which the G203V does automatically.

Full Step Morphing is entirely unique to Geckodrive products and can transition your motor to a true full step motor between 4 – 6 revolutions per second. No software changes are required to take advantage of this and accuracy will not be sacrificed. This results in a 30% increase in useable torque over a drive that does not morph.

All Geckodrive motor controls come with our industry leading three-year warranty and free US based technical support. Should a drive sustain damage in the field we offer repairs to minimize your downtime. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase we offer a 90 day return window.

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