Wireless electronic MPG handwheel for Mach3 Controller,6 Axis ( X, Y, Z, A, B, C)

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Wireless Mach3 Pendant CNC MPG Handwheel


1:Wireless operation,  to bring you convenience and practicality of the operation.15 meter wireless transmission distance, Stable and Reliable data transmission
2: It max support 4 axis. the 4th axis- A axis, no A=0 function ( A axis functions are not as much as the other 3 axis)
3: All the buttons can be programmable
4: About the hand wheel, you move slow, the machine runs slow; also you move fast, the machine runs fast.

5:Rich real-time display of large screen LCD:
display include: Machine status, Run, Pause, Idle, Step Value
display X, Y, Z axis workplace coordinate and x y z axis machine coordinate
show the feed rate, spindle speed
5: Band switch for easy operation:
switching X-axis coordinate regulation
switching y-axis coordinate regulation
switching z-axis coordinate regulation
switch hand wheel guide
feed adjustment switch
speed control switch

Shuttle Pro MPG Installation

1. Insert CD, open contents.
2. Locate ShuttlePro.dll
3. Navigate to your Mach3 folder on your computer. Open PlugIns. (C:/Mach3/plugIns)
4. Copy and paste ShuttlePro.dll into the PlugIns folder
5. Next, locate M930.m1s in the CD contents.
6. Navigate to C:/Mach3/macros/Mach3Mill (your profile)
7. Copy and paste M930.m1s into your profile folder

Using your Shuttle pro MPG
1. Plug in the Shuttle Pro USB
2. Start Mach3 and go to the config menu
3. Select Config plugins
4. You should see Shuttle Pro with a green checkmark in front of it. If it isn’t please check it now.
5. Click CONFIG in yellow and set the buttons to your needs if necessary.
6. Once you have the proper buttons assigned in the CONFIG menu, the device should be working properly.
Refer to “The Mach3 hand wheel instructions.doc” file on the CD provided for more information on the buttons.

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  • RobertBeaubien - 3 years ago
    Are you going to create a MACH 4 driver for this?

    It is not clear that a Mach4 plugin will ever be made for this.
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