TP5 - High Precision Engraving Machine Presetter

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TP5 - High Precision Engraving Machine Presetter


High Precision Tool Presetter serves as a Tool Touch Probe with over-travel detection. 

Color: silver + black
Material: Alloy
Voyage: 5mm
Output mode: B: NC
Pre-trip: almost zero
Repeatability: 0.001mm
Protection structure: IP67
Contact force: 1.5N
Contact material: hard alloy
Housing material: grinding 4S
Protection tube: 1m minimum bending radius R25
LED light: Off when working normally

Attentions in the use of tool setting instrument:

1. contact cannot exceed the tool alignment instrument stroke, will make the tool alignment instrument damage, (stroke is 5.0mm)

2. Do not immediately release the contact surface of the tool setting instrument by hand, so as not to damage the internal structure of the tool setting instrument and affect the service life and efficiency.

3. After the tool and tool alignment instrument is finished, the tool must be lifted vertically away from the contact surface, and do not move laterally or it will damage the tool alignment instrument.

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