KP-3 CNC touch probe

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KP-3 CNC touch probe


The KP-3 is a CNC Touch Probe intended for probing to find part zero’s, reference positions, locate bores, bases, corners, etc., and digitizing which allows for the copying of surfaces and shaped objects. The user should first become familiar
with the various parts and features of the probe as shown below to facilitate assembly, installation, operation, and calibration. Read the stylus installation and alignment procedures section before attempting assembly. Review the over-travel
limits are shown in the specifications. Exceeding the limits will damage the probe and stylus.


• Probing directions X+/-, Y+/-, Z-
• Unidirectional repeatability (2 sigma) 0.00006” (1.5 micron)
• Practical use on a good milling machine.0005”
• Probe deflection force (X, Y) 3 ounce minimum with 40mm stylus
• Probe deflection force (Z) 15-ounce minimum
• Probe body diameter and length D= 1.35” (34.3mm) L= 2.16” (54.9mm)
• Mounting shank diameter and length D= 0.5” (12.7mm) L= 1.47” (37.3mm)
• Stylus mount thread M3 thread
• Power supply required none
• LED status indicator red when triggered (powered by input 1ma)
• Weight of probe and ½” shank 0.40 lb
• Over travel limit angle (X, Y) +/- 12 degrees from vertical
• Over travel limit (Z-) 0.25” (6.25mm)
• Environmental IP64
• Patented concentric alignment (spindle/tool holder/probe body run out adjustment)

KP-3 Acorn kit :
- KP-3 probe
- 2.5 mm x 40mm carbide stem, ruby tipped stylus
- Stylus wrench
- KP-3 to Acorn cable

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