M26 - 12 Relay Expansion Board

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CNC4PC     This board provides 12 electromechanical relays with NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed) connections.

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M26 - 12 Relay Expansion Board
M26 - 12 Relay Expansion Board

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    This board provides 12 electromechanical relays with NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed) connections; this version can be easily mounted on control boxes using DIN rails and can also accommodate ribbon cables or DB25 connectors.


    • 12 Electromechanical relays with NO and NC positions
    • Use IDC26 to connect to the ESS, M16D (PoKeys) or C76 (UC300)
    • Connector PIN HEADER of 40 Pins for MOTHERBOARD POKEYS
    • Connector DB25
    • Status LEDs on all relays connections.
    • External Enable Pin (EN). The board has a pin that allows you to enable/disable all the relays at once.
    • Has terminals to allow access to available input pins.
    • Din rail mountable. *NEW*.
    • Pluggable Screw-On Terminals. *NEW*
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       Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    • Martin Hood - 1 years ago
      Can this board be plugged into an Ess port 3 and be able to utilize all relays from Ess signals?

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    • Nick - 7 months ago
      Can the M26 board get its 5v power from the 5v output on the c82 bob?

      YES!  This board uses less than 500mA.  So, it can be powered with +5vdc from the C82 or pin 26 of the IDC26 for LPT3 of the ESS, or from a USB port.        
      Read more

    • Pablo Jaramillo - 3 months ago
      Does this work with port 1,4,&5 of a UC300 + UCBB. I will use port 2&3 for controlling the motors.I need 4 to 5 stepper motors and 11 external devices (few of them are activated at the same time).RegardsDoes this work with port 1,4,&5 of a UC300

      YES, it will work with UC300ETH or any other motion controller on ports that use pins 2-9 as outputs.
      Read more

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