ME-8111 NO NC Momentary Pin Plunger Actuator Enclosed Limit Switch

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ME-8111 NO NC Momentary Pin Plunger Actuator Enclosed Limit Switch



    For the ME-8111, it's specification is within follow:

  •  Actuator Type: Standard Pin Plunger, Automatic Reset 
  •  Pin Diameter(Approx.):6.8mm / 0.27″ 
  •  Contact Configuration: 2 NC + 2 NO 
  •  IP Rating: IP64 
  •  Power: AC 250V,5A / DC 115V. 0.4A 
  •  Mounting Hole Diameter: 4.5mm 
  •  Hole Center Point Distance: 56mm x 21mm 
  •  Overall Size: 99 x 28 x 25mm 
  •  Operation speed: 0.5mm-50cm/sec 
  •  Operating frequency 
  •    Mechanical: 120 operations/minute 
  •    Electrical: 30 operations/minute
  •  Contact resistance: 25mΩ max. (initial value)
  •  Insulation resistance: 100mΩ min. (at 500VDC) 
  •  Vibration: 10-55HZ,1.5mm double amplitude 
  •  Mechanical Life : 10,000,000 operations 
  •  Electrical Life: 500,000 operations             







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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Stacey Smith - 4 years ago
    what is the repeatable accuracy of this switch?Also, can it be wired in to my existing controller that uses an ethernet port for limit switches?

    Most of the accuracy you can expect from this switch may be associated with the machine and the mounting of the switch.  The switch itself is very good quality, it is not comparable to the cheap ones you find on eBay.  Note that our inductive sw...
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  • Arturo Duncan - 1 years ago
    How do I configure the Home and Limit Switches

    General Recommendations on Setting up Home/Limit Switches:  Note that the Limit function is disabled while homing, so it is smart to use the same switches for homing and limits.  It is also a good practice to connect positive and negative sig...
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