Mini-type Integrated Universal Inverter (VFD), 2.2KW

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Model Number: E500-2S0022

Input: 220VAC ±15%  1 or 3 Phase (R,S or R, T or S,T)    50/60Hz

Output: 220VAC 3 Phase (U,V,W)   2.2kw

Output Current:10A

Output Frequency: 0-400HZ

Type: Other

Rated capacity:3.8KVA

Rated output current:10A

Control Mode: V/F control

Running: low noise running

F0.00 = 1 (or 3 if you want to test using the knob on the VFD)

F0.02=1001 (or 1000 if you want to test using the knob on VFD)

F0.04= 400 or 300 sets according to your spindle

F0.12=400 or 300 set according to your spindle


F1.00 =0

F1.01 =10V


F1.04 =400

F1.08=11 ( Terminal X1 as a Run)

F1.14=8 ( Inverter Fault signal Output)

TA, Tc connect to fault output

X1 and Com connect to Run (or relay)

AI1 and GND ( 0-10VDC)

one year manufacture warranty

For 0-10V DC: Connect to AI and GND

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there is no RS485 included in this VFD

  1. Press [SET]
  2. Use arrow keys to change to program number you looking to change
  3. Press [SET]
  4. Use the arrow keys to change the value to appropriate value
  5. Press [SET] to save the value
  6. Press [ESC] to exit programming mode


  • F0.0 = 1 (for 0-10V Control) or 3 (for knob control)
  • F0.2 = 1001 (for panel [RUN] button)
  • F0.4= 400 (Spindle Frequency)
  • F0.5 = 5.0 (Acceleration time)
  • F0.11 = 0 (Torque Boost)
  • F0.12 = 400 (Basic Frequency)
  • F0.13 = 220 (Volts)
  • F1.00 = 0.4 (AI Lower Limit)
  • F1.01 = 10 (AI Upper Limit)
  • F1.03 = 0 (Min Freq)
  • F1.04 = 400 (Max Freq)
  • F1.08 = 11 (Terminal 1 Function)
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