PlasmaSensOut - THC controller

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PlasmaSensOut – THC controller


PlasmaSensOut is a universal torch height controller (THC) for using with the PlasmaSens – torch height sensor device. Thanks to an optical connection it’s fully electrically (galvanically) isolated from high voltage plasma cutter’s equipment and so it’s safe to use. PlasmaSensOut provides standard programmable ARC_OK, UP and DOWN signals and it’s compatible with most CNC controller boards on the market. A simple user-friendly interface allows quick and efficient moving through menu using three menu buttons. Led display in default state shows temporally arc voltage and led diodes signalize state of output. User can set the following THC parameters: reference voltage, hysteresis (non-active range around reference height), delay time and anti-dive limit voltage. All parameters are adjustable during operation.


  • Output signals: Arc OK, Up and Down (DC solid state)
  • Programmable reference and hysteresis voltage, delay time and anti-dive limit voltage
  • Current plasma voltage presentation on LED display
  • Arc present, up and down – LED signalization
  • Full optical input isolation; transmitter and receiver connected over an optical cable
  • Test mode operation
  • DC power supply (6- 36 V)
  • Compatible with most CNC controller boards
  • DIN-rail mountable housing


Package includes:

  • PlasmaSensOut device
  • PlasmaSens sensor device
  • Optical cable (2m and 5m)
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  • Arturo Duncan - 1 years ago
    I am getting an E-1 Error on a Plasmasensout THC sensor

    This is error is due to noise entering the logic of the system.  The way of fixing it making sure things are properly grounded and making sure the negatives of the logic in the breakout board are not common with the main grounds or the negative or the mai...
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