REXSTEP Hi-Torque Stepper Motor1200 oz/in

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In stock

REXSTEP Hi-Torque Stepper Motor 1200 oz/in


Design Considerations Select a torque size with a 100% safety factor for torque output at given speeds. Do not set ramping speed faster than the motor's ability to accelerate load. Do not connect or disconnect motor unless system power is off. Do not use the motor's bearing to support drive screws in place of a proper bearing block. When direct driving a drive screw, select a coupler with shaft misalightment allowance. For best heat disappation, bolt motor to an aluminum mounting plate. Limit motor current to rated current per phase for smoother stepping operation. Do not disassemble the motor. This wil degrade torque output and step smoothness. Do not attempt to modify the shaft without first consulting us for guidelines.

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Shaft Size 1/2"
Motor Frame Nema 34
Dual/Single Shaft Single
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