TSB13152B Servo Motor

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TSB13152B Servo Motor
Motor Model TSB13152B
Driver Model TSTA50D
Spec. W kgw
Rated Power PR kW 1.5
Voltage V V 220
Rated Torque TR N.m 7.164
Rated Current IR A 7.57
Rated Speed NR rpm 2000
Max. Torque Tmax N.m 22.71
Max. Current Imax A 1.06
Torque Constant KT N.m/A 62.78
Induced Voltage Constant(L-L) KE(L-L) V/k rpm 8.88
Rotor Moment of Inertia JM Kg.cm2 0.79
Resistance (L-L) Ra(L-L) Ω 4.74
Inductance (L-L) La(L-L) mH 6.00
Electrical Time Constant Te ms 8.08
Weight (standard) W kgw 6.47
Insulation Grade ClassB (130℃)
Mechanical Brake Rated Voltage V VDC 24V±10%
Static Friction Torque N-m 20
Rotor Moment of Inertia kg.cm2 0.324
Current Dissipation A 0.816
Time for brake funtion ms 27
Time for brake release  ms 76
Weight W kgw 1.1
Operating Ambient Temp. T 0 ~ 40
Operating Ambient Humidity RH % <80
Storage Temp. T -20 ~ 60
Storage Humidity RH % <80
1( kgf‧cm)=0.0980665(N‧m)   ;   1(gf‧cm‧s2)=0.980665(kg‧cm2)

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