TSTA-50D Servo Driver

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Servo Pack Model
10C 15C 20C 30C 50D 75D 100D 150D 200D 300D
Basic Specifications Max. Applicable
Servo Motor Capacity[KW]
0.1 0.4 0.75 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.5 5.6 7.5 15.0
Continuous Current Output [A rms] 0.94 2.5 4.4 5.16 9.5 15.0 23.0 33.2 42.1 78.0
Max. Output Current[A rms] 2.82 7.5 13.2 15.5 28.5 42.0 59.8 86.3 109.5 170.0
Power Supply Main Circuit
Single Phase/Three Phase AC 170 ~ 253V Three Phase AC 170 ~ 253V
50 / 60Hz  ±5%
Control Circuit
Single Phase AC 170 ~ 253V
50 / 60Hz  ±5%
Cooling System Natural Air Circulation Fan Cooling
Control Method Three Phase full-ware rectification IGBT PWM(SPWM)
Feedback[Encoder Resolution] Incremental Encoder:2500ppr / 8192ppr / 15-bit(ABS) / 17-bit
Common Functions LED Display Charge / Power lamps ; Five 7-segment LEDs ; Four function keys
Control mode Position(External Pulse Command/Internal Pulse Command),Speed/Torque and Dual Control mode(P/S,S/T,P/T)
Regenerative Discharge Built-in braking transistor and resistor(External braking resistor available) Built-in braking transistor(External braking resistor available)
Dymanic Brake Active after Power-off, Servo-off, Limit switch and protective function
Protective Functions Under voltage, Over voltage, Over load, Over current, Encoder error, Abnormal DI/DO programming,
Memory abnonal, Emergency stop, Pulse deviation, Over speed, CPU abnomal, Limit switch error, Over heat…ect.
Communication Interface RS-232 / RS-485 (Modbus protocol)
Position Control Command Source External pulse train / Internal parameter(32 steps)
Input Signals Type Positive / Negative edge trigger:
Sign+Pulse train, CCW+CW pulse train, 90° phase difference 2-phase pulse(A phase+B phase)
Form Line Driver (+5V Level)?Open Collector (+5 ~ +24VLevel)
Frequency 4Mpps(Line driver) / 200Kpps(Open collector)
Electronic Gear Ratio 1/200 ? A/B ? 200 (A=1 ~ 50000;B=1 ~ 50000) 
Position Time Constant Smoothing:0 ~ 10sec
Final Position Tolerance 0 ~ 50000 Pulse 
Feed Forward Compensation 0 ~ 100 %
Homing Function Set by parameter
Speed Control Command Source External analog signal / Internal parameter(3 speed set-up)
Analog Input
Voltage Range 0 ~ ±10Vdc / 0 ~ 4500rpm (Set by parameter)
Impedance 10KO 
Speed Control Range 1:5000 (Internal command) / 1:2000 (External command) 
Speed Fluctuation Rate Load fluctuation:0 ~ 100%  ±0.03% or less (at rated speed)
Power fluctuation:±10% ±0.2% or less (at rated speed)
Ambient temperature fluctuation:0 ~ 50?  ±0.5% or less (at rated speed)
Accel/Decel. Time Constant Linear:0 ~ 50sec;S-Curve:0 ~ 5sec;Smoothing:0 ~ 10sec 
Frequency Characteristic 800Hz (at JL=JM)
Torque Limit Operation External analog signal / Internal parameter
Zero Speed /                Speed Reach Range  0 ~ 4500rpm (Set by parameter)
Torque Control Command Source External analog signal
Analog Input
Voltage Range 0 ~ ±10Vdc / 0 ~ ±300%
Impedance 10KO 
Accel/Decel. Time Constant Linear:0 ~ 50sec
Speed Limit Operation External analog signal / Internal parameter
Torque Reach Range 0 ~ 300% (Set by parameter)
I/O Signals Position Output Output Signal Phase A?B?Z Line Driver / Phase Z Open Collector
Division of encoder
feedback pulse
Set up of any value is enabled (encoder pulse is the max.)
Digital Input
12 Points
Servo on, Alarm reset, P/PI switching, Forward/Reserve limit switch, External torque limit, Pulse deviation clear, Servo lock, Emergency stop, Speed command selection, Control mode switching, Pulse command inhibit, Gain switching, Electronic gear ratio setting, Internal pulse command trigger, Internal pulse command pause Homing mode positioning, External reference signal, Internal position command switching, Speed/Torque command reverse, Torque mode forward / reverse start...etc.
Digital Output
4 Points
Servo alarm code, Torque limit, Limit switch, Baseblock
4 Points
Servo ready, Servo alarm, Zero speed, Brake interlock, Speed reach, Positioning completed, Homing completed,
Torque reach
Analog Output
3 Points
Speed feedback, Torque / Speed / Position command, Pulse deviation value, Electrical angle, Main circuit voltage(DC Bus)
Envirnoment Installation Site Indoor location(Avoiding direct sunshine)
No corrosive liquid and gas(avoiding oil mist, flammable gas, dust)
Aititude Altitude 1000M or lower above sea level
Temperature Operating temperature:0 ~ 50?;Storage temperature:-20 ~ +65?
Humidity 90%RH or less (No condensation)
Vibration 10 ~ 57Hz:20m/s2;57 ~ 150Hz:2G
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