UCR200 wireless CNC jog pendant

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- Wireless (WIFI) jog pendant to use with Mach3

- 10-15meters transmit range (depends on environment)

- 4-axis on screen. (upto 6-axis selectable).

- Works with Mach3 software via plugin.

- LCD screen with backlight

- USB wifi transmitter connects to the control PC.

- Handwheel encoder and pushbuttons.

- Battery operation with long life. (batteries replaceable)


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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Arturo Duncan - 3 years ago
    I am getting an “defective plugin” error message when installing the plugin.

    You need install or enable .Net2.0.  This comes on Win10 computers but sometimes it is kept disabled, so you need to go to Programs and Features and make sure it is enabled. On Older operating systems you may need to install it, you can find the instal...
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  • Arturo Duncan - 3 years ago
    Microsoft Defender is seeing a virus in UCCNC or the UC100 Plugin Installer

    Some have reported that Microsoft Defender is seeing a virus in UCCNC or UC100 installers.  We want to assure our users that there is not virus in the software.  This occurs because of the obfuscation method used to protect the software against possible h...
    Read more

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