I have a Seig FC350BJ/110V spindle drive on a X2 Harbor Freight mill. I am interested in buying the C6 board to allow Mach3 control of the spindle. Do you have wiring diagrams and Mach 3 configuration notes on how I can use the board? Thanks

592 views  May 13, 2019
Yes, you can, but I will strongly recommend using a breakout board that already comes with the spindle control circuit, like the C11G. Many boards out there deform the waveform of the pulse stream and make it hard to generate a good linear speed curve. If you have a good breakout board, then the C6 or C41 will work for you. The C41 is a better option than the C6, as it has a build in DC-DC converter that generates the required voltage to power the board, making it unnecessary to add an external power supply.

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