UC300ETH - Ethernet Motion Controller

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UC300ETH - Ethernet Motion Controller

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UC300ETH - Ethernet Motion Controller
UC300ETH - Ethernet Motion Controller

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    • The UC300ETH-5LPT is a motion controller with ethernet interface. The device cancommunicate with a connection to the control computer's network card. The connection canbe built with direct connection or via router/switch devices.

    • The device can be used to control machine tools with stepper or servo motor controls withstep and direction interfaces.

    • The controller can output a maximum of 400kHz stepping frequency and can work with
      upto 6-axes



    • Controls upto 6-axis simultaneously.

    • Works with the UCCNC software and Mach3.

    • Upto 400kHz step frequency operation.

    • 49 digital inputs and 36 digital outputs in 5 IDC26 ports.

    • LPT port compatible.

    • 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs.

    • Ethernet connection to the control PC.

    • Works with direct connection to the PC and via routers/switches.

    • Fast communication with data buffer for robust and stabile operation.

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    ManufacturerCNC Drive
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       Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    • Arturo Duncan - 3 years ago
      I am getting an “defective plugin” error message when installing the plugin.

      You need install or enable .Net2.0.  This comes on Win10 computers but sometimes it is kept disabled, so you need to go to Programs and Features and make sure it is enabled. On Older operating systems you may need to install it, you can find the instal...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 3 years ago
      Microsoft Defender is seeing a virus in UCCNC or the UC100 Plugin Installer

      Some have reported that Microsoft Defender is seeing a virus in UCCNC or UC100 installers.  We want to assure our users that there is not virus in the software.  This occurs because of the obfuscation method used to protect the software against possible h...
      Read more

    • Marjorie Pedrozo - 3 years ago
      I bought a uc300eth-5lpt from you about 5 months ago. I'm now buying the UCCNC software to work with it. How does that work?

      Yes, we will just need the serial number of you UC device.
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 6 months ago
      Why use Ethernet Connection for my Motion Controller?

      The Ethernet Connection has many advantages over USB.  It is more reliable as Ethernet runs a client-server connection, while USB runs as a Windows Device.  If there happens to be any glitch in the communication, you can lose the USB d...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 6 months ago
      How fast does my Motion Controller need to be?

      You can estimate the appropriate speed requirement for your motion controller by understanding how fast you need your pulse stream to be.   You will need to balance axis travel speed and the step resolution or length of each step in actual machi...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 6 months ago
      Should I use an External Motion Controller running in real-time for my CNC?

      The main advantage of using an external motion controller is that runs all the function in a real-time environment. So many functions, like homing, reading an encoder, threading, probing, etc., are tied to the exact time in which they occur.  I...
      Read more

    • Arturo Duncan - 2 months ago
      Should I use the C76 with the UC300ETH or C82 with the Ethernet Smooth Stepper for my Plasma?

      You can use the C76 or C82, it is a matter of preference. They both work with Mach4. I will try to summarize the basic considerations: The UC300ETH may provide additional flexibility as it can also support UCCNC in addition to Mach3/4. It also depends...
      Read more

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