My UCCNC license is not working.

301 views  April 24, 2020

If UCCNC is not recognizing the license please check the following:

  • Make sure that when you copy your license into the UCCNC folder, you rename it and remove the serial number from the license and replace the original demo license found in the directory.
  • Verify the serial number of the device matches the serial number of the license.  These licenses are typed in manually and there can be a typo. 
  • Make you have communication with the drive.  UCCNC needs to talk to the device and verify the serial number.  You may want to run the UCxxx Utility to verify that there is communication with the device.
  • You may also want to check the windows device manager in the case of USB devices to verify the UC device is working under Windows OK and not showing any errors.

If the problem continues, please open a support ticket on our website and we will give you a hand with this: 

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