Touch and Tool Probe W 3/8 Shaft

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Touch and Tool Probe W 3/8 Shaft


Touch and Tool Probe 3/8 shaft

This tool is both, an accurate 3 axis touch probe, or a tool height setting pad. It is easily converted from one use to the other in just a few seconds by simply swapping tips and adding or removing the screw-on arbor.

Can be used as Touch Probe or for Tool Height Setting.

Comes with 3.5mm male jack.

Wiring using the internal pull up resistor on the board.

Wiring using an exteral pull up resistor.

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ManufacturerArnie Minear
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Chris Fairley - 2 months ago
    How repeatable is the device? You mention that it's accurate in the description, and the manual says you've tested it. I understand that you are not going to guarantee anything, but what was your test results?

    It has a repeatability of about 0.001" to 0.002". Keep in mind that it is intended to be used on routers for hobby work and woodworking.
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  • Robin - 18 days ago
    I am look at your touch probe, will this work on a c11G board if yes please send information. Thanks

    Yes, the probes can very easily be wired to the C11G.  The probes ship with a female jack connector that can be connected to the terminals of the C11G.  the C11G has a jumper to set the input to be set to pulled-up.  If you have any issues ...
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